This Eid, Neither Gates Were Open At LoC Nor Sweets Exchanged

KL Report


Festivities at LoC from past quite some time on all major festivals were celebrated with the exchange of sweets between the Armies of two countries, India and Pakistan. This Eid refused to exchange sweets with Pakistani troops as a mark of strong protest against the killings of five Indian soldiers at Poonch sector on August 6. The two Armies used to meet at cross-LoC point of Chakan-Da-Bagh in Poonch, Tata Pani in Mendhar and some other points on the LoC to exchange sweets and fruits.

Not only exchange, even the  gates at Chakan-Da-Bagh didn’t open this Eid. The Indian Army officials opined that there was no fun of exchanging sweets with Pakistan Army, “which had displayed its most inhuman character by killing give Army jawans. Therefore, we decided not to exchange sweets or fruits with Pakistan Army on this Eid,’’ a senior Army officer was quoted to have said in Poonch.

Diwali, Eid, Independence Day, Republic Day etc were the occasions when two armies used to meet in cordial atmosphere, but this was, however, after a long time that the officials of two Armies didn’t exchange sweets on a major festival.

Sources said there was no possibility of Indian Army exchanging sweets with Pakistan on the occasion of Independence Day of the two countries falling on August 14 and 15 under the present circumstance.



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