Those Who want Beef Ban Should Stop Wearing Leather Products: Rasheed



President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rasheed Sunday condemned right wing Hindu nationalist BJP for bringing resolution in the assembly seeking “death penalty for cow slaughters” and asked PDP and Peoples Conference to end their already exposed “unholy alliance” with BJP.

In a statement Rasheed warned BJP to restrain from spreading communal hatred in the state. “Kashmiri Muslims have never been communal and will never interfere into religious affairs of devotees of other religions, but it is BJP which despite being in power in New Delhi, talks communal, objectionable, unnatural and irresponsible things,” Rasheed said adding, “BJP forgets that nobody can thrust its dictation on devotees of any community pertaining to religious affairs. How could slaughtering a cow amount to hurting sentiments of Hindus, if cow like other bovine animals is a pet animal?”

Rasheed asked BJP and its allies that they should stop wearing shoes or any other products of leather. “If BJP has so respect for the cows and other bovine animals they should not wear shoes or use any leather products.”

He asked BJP to restrain from hurting sentiments for Muslims in and outside assembly.

“If BJP is so keen about giving death penalty to cow slaughters then as humans they should have highest respect for human rights and human lives. BJP must start a campaign to hang all those state actors in uniform who slaughtered hundreds of Kashmiris from Pathribal to Machil and elsewhere and also committed heinous crimes in every nook and corner of state in the name of so called national interest. Let BJP explain that if cow slaughtering hurts them more than Kashmiris getting slaughtered? Do they have more respect towards rights of humans irrespective of cast, creed and religion as compared to pet animals? Isn’t it hypocrisy on behalf of BJP that while they eat meat of many other animals but care only about cows,” Rasheed said in his statement.

“Before seeking death penalty for cow slaughtering, BJP must withdraw from the coalition as its government failed to save life of even three year old Burhan,” he said.

Rasheed asked PDP and Sajad Lone to respect sentiments of their voters and restrain from “becoming proxies and collaborators of fascist Hindu radicals who have now expanded their anti-Muslim agenda and are directly hurting sentiments of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir”.


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