Thrashing at Gund an eye-opener for Kashmiri cops: DeM

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) on Saturday said that the ruthless thrashing of the police personnel by the Indian army at Gund, Ganderbal must serve as an eye-opener to the Kashmiri cops and that they should now stop to help India to maintain its “illegal control” over Jammu and Kashmir.

DeM chairperson Asiya Andrabi (KL Image)

In a statement, DeM, general secretary, Nahida Nasreen said that India has always used the Kashmiri politicians, bureaucrats, renegades and the police officials of Jammu and Kashmir. “Like the puppet government, the JKP too is run by Indian agencies and this police force, like Indian armed forces and agencies, is equally responsible for brutalizing Kashmiris,” she said.

“But the ruthless thrashing by the army in Gund today is a lesson for these policemen, who try to be more loyal than the king. This incident should serve as an eye-opener to these JKP men and they must abstain from helping India,” she added.

She said that it is laughable that an outsider armed force personnel come and beat the resident policemen.

She said that from Sheikh Abdullah to Mufti Sayeed and from NC to PDP, all these men and the parties are kept at forefront and asked to work against aspirations of Kashmiris.

“ NC was initially used by India for its own gains, then they installed PDP here and will throw it out whenever Indian agencies feel so. Ikhwanis were used as renegades and when India felt that these renegades were of no use for them, it banished them. Similarly, India is now misusing the Kashmiri policemen,” she said.

“By donning the Indian uniform , the JKP men have accepted to be slaves of India like those politicians and bureaucrats who do everything to brutalise Kashmiris as is ordered by their masters in New Delhi,” she said.

To break these shackles of slavery, Nasreen said, there is only one option available to these policemen and others who help India. “ The option is that, without any second thought, they must stop helping and supporting India in Kashmir. This is their only way to redemption,” she added.

She said that these policemen must understand that India is pitching them against their own people and is ordering them to kill, maim, torture and jail their own brethren. “ So the JKP must revolt against India and if they do so, it will be a major step towards our freedom. Today’s incident wasn’t something unexpected. So these Kashmiri policemen must keep this in mind that if they continue to help India, time will come that India will banish them as well, but then, it will be too late,” she added.



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