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MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Saturday threatened that he will gherao Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s residence and said he will not allow Omar to enter the civil secretariat on the first day after the offices will reopen in Srinagar if “his government does not take any concrete action against those involved in spurious drug scam”.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Rasheed alleged that chief minister has not been able to take action against any of the ministers involved in scandals and corruption charges. “The way Sham Lal Sharma and Taj Mohiudin are running state affairs like a private enterprise, has deeply shaken faith of common masses in the state government,” he said and added “If both the ministers claim that charges leveled by them against each other stand proved, why does not Chief Minister throw them out of his cabinet and put them in the jail.”

“It is a tragedy that whenever there is a scam, Chief Minister runs away from his responsibility by simply using one sentence that he has coalition compulsions. It would have been better for him to step down rather than crying for the compulsions and leaving people of the state at the mercy of these crocodiles,” MLA said.

Lashing out at congress as well Rasheed said that, “It is unfortunate that congress high command is least bothered in dealing with its ministers who are not only involved in corruption but also are playing with the lives of people of state by facilitating supply of spurious drugs.”

Rasheed said that on one hand minor children are being locked up in police stations for allegedly involved in stone pelting but on the other hand the mafia minded bigger ‘DONs’ are roaming free and sucking blood of poor people by playing with their lives. “Had such a thing happened in another part of the country all those who are involved would have been taken to task. But it seems as if government of India has declared special status for Jammu & Kashmir by ensuring that no action should be taken against those who are misusing power and treating the state resources as their ancestors property and operate them like  money making machines,” Rasheed said

Er Rasheed alleged that the forest land scam against Taj Mohiudin has been thrown into dustbin, Sham Lal Sharma despite being guilty is passing the buck and other ministers including Manohar lal-Sharma , Peerzada Mohammad Syed and others are facing serious charges. He asked Prof Saif-ul- Din Soz “not to humiliate Kashmiri people by claiming that Kashmiris will vote to congress and will bring congress into power in coming assembly elections.”

MLA Langate said, “Soz must understand that Kashmiris are wiser enough to understand that congress has soaked its hands with blood of Kashmiris and played a very dirty role in hanging of Afzal Guru. Soz must answer questions from even street teenagers in Kashmir that why Afzal Guru was hanged in the name of so called vicious national interest which was nothing but to murder Afzal Guru to gain sympathy for upcoming parliamentary elections.”

He said that CM Omar Abdullah has become a play boy in the hands of congress and is neither able to take any political initiative to take care of aspirations of Kashmiri people nor has been able to give a good governance.


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