To secure VIPs, Govt spends Rs 11 Cr a month

KL Report


The Jammu and Kashmir government every month spends more than 11 crore rupees for the security of the people having political, religious and social affiliations.

According to KNS correspondent, government on Friday while responding to the query of a legislator in the upper house said that there are 1278 persons in Jammu and Kashmir to whom security of X to Z plus status is being provided by the government.  Cabinet Minister Abdul Rahman Veeri while responding on behalf of the government said  those persons who are in the cover of Z security are provided personal security guards,  home security, stay and meals in hotels of the state, government vehicles and fuel used in them.

The government informed the house that there are 25m persons to whom the Z plus security has been issued and 396 others which come under the cover of Z security. There are also 150 persons in Y security cover while as 282 come under


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