Truckers’ union tussle hits Cement trade

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Government has miserably failed to resolve the tussle between two truck unions in Khrew area of Pulwama district. The continuous tussle has hampered the trade of cement in the Valley.

The tussle has once again started after truckers from Halqa Nagandar, amalgam of a few villages, wanted a separate Alkhudam Union. But the existing union, Zaffron truck union is refusing the truckers to allow another union to operate in the area.

General Secretary Alkhudam Union Muhammad Maqbool alleged that Zaffron truck union has been misusing their title and it has also been misleading the government that ‘Zaffron-Alkhudam Truckers Union’ has been formed while the fact is that Zaffron truck union is not allowing them to operate in the area, as a result the truckers have been suffering losses.

He said that Zaffron Truck Union has been trying to create monopoly and it has been using coercive measures to suppress the Alkhudam truckers union. “Over 200 truckers are jobless as the rival union is not allowing them to work in the cement factories. We seek government intervention,” he said.

“They want to disband our truck union and supply cement in their own trucks. By doing so, they will snatch the livelihood of the poor while accumulating more money to become richer,” Muhammad Maqbool said.

An official said that efforts are on to resolve every issue amicably between the two unions. “We will call them for a meeting again and will try to settle the issue,” he said. (CNS)


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