Syed Ali Geelani aghast against a ban on media and TV channels and while terming the ban on almost three dozen TV Channels in Kashmir, as the fascist approach of the government, added that the real purpose behind all these actions is to promote ‘Zafrani dogma’ and pave way for Hindu Rashtra.

“Such tactics of government reflect authoritarian mindset and it is highly deplorable that even channels specified for religious preaching and teachings were removed from the air,” said Geelani.

Geelani in a statement said that it is direct interference in religious matters and war against media.

Geelani while castigating authorities for strangulating genuine voices, said that they want to isolate the Kashmiri population as the authorities do not want the reality of Kashmir to be highlighted internationally and does not want people of Kashmir to have access to information other than what Delhi filters into Kashmir through state-sponsored and biased channels.

Geelani stated that these autocratic and unjustified steps are warning signals for us and we should introspect over these developments, lest they will change the very basic fabric of our society.

Geelani impressed people to forge unity among their folds and stressed that instead of fighting over insignificant, minor and factional issues, we should promote a sense of unity and work together for promoting ethical and religious values.

Geelani said that the restriction on and TV channels have been imposed on behest of the RSS and Zafrani brigade and cautioned that these restrictions, can further deteriorate the situation here.

Referring to channels preaching Islamic teachings and values, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is beyond comprehension that these channels are responsible for the unrest in Kashmir, whereas the fact remains that the current unrest and uprising in Kashmir is because of the bloodshed carried by government forces.

Syed Ali Geelani said that “the steps and measures taken by Governor regime are disturbing and if not resisted, our next generation, will be left with no option other than to follow their dictates and even may be forced to attend temples.”


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