Ban on Islamic channels is Hindutva agenda: KEA


The Kashmir Economic Alliance ( KEA) Chairman Haji Muhammad Yasin Khan has condemned the banning of Islamic channels in the state of Jammu and Kashmir terming it “execution of Hindutva agenda” in the Muslim dominated state.

Khan, who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) said the act of ban was aimed at demeaning Islam, which is actually a religion of peace. He said the government decision has hurt religious sentiments of the people of the state.

“The word from the religion of peace will only be stopped by those don’t want peace. But let these warmongers and communal bigots know that Islam is the religion of peace and will continue to be the same despite such communal onslaughts,” Khan said.

He said by banning the Islamic channels the government has sent a wrong signal to the world community. “On one hand the Government of India claims to be improving ties with the Islamic countries whereas the religious channels aired by same nations have been banned.”

“One wonders what kind of threat was possible from channels which propagate peace and universal brotherhood,” he said.

Khan said the ban was not a simple issue of censorship but curbing religious rights of the people under s sinister design.

“If those lynching Muslims in the name of cow don’t pose threat, how does the voice of peace pose treat?” Khan asked.

He asked the secular voices to come forward and stand in support of the oppressed Muslim community which is being slowly but steadily gagged through such nefarious designs of the Hindutva forces.


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