Ugly Tale of Beautiful Dale…

By Syed Sayim


Hark, hark the ugly tale of beautiful dale

With cardiac wounds everyone dost wail


Look how it burns in patriotic wave

One more martyr succumbed to injuries its soul gave


Clouds turnst into dark mourning the sky is

Mother earth’s lap is ready to keep body his


Quoth she, “I adorn the cradle to let u sleep

Tiresome thou look, let me thy head on shoulder keep”


Singing birds in chaos venomous hissing sounds dost make

Flowers with faded charm have faces fake


People with Moorish eyes some with blazing chests are

Some raised the flags others have waged the war


Enraged mob chanting the slogans of free will

Look hither the stone thrown and yonder the bullet come


Fog emanating from tear gasses envelops the mass

Effects not the solid breasts with frozen tears, who ripped across


Blood in streams run, rain of tears dost fall

We want emancipation is written on every wall


Myani gasha (light of my eyes) in every mother’s sigh

Fate of Kashmir in whose hands doth lie


Lies betwixt the grinder of borders and as grist dost grind

From one side is Pak and other is called the Hind


(The poet is from Narbal, pursuing Masters in English)

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Kashmir Life


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