UJC Calls For Shutdown On Aug 15

KL Report


United Jahad Council chief Syed Salah-ud-Din has appealed people to observe August 15 as ‘Black Day’.

In an emailed statement to a local news agency, KNS he has said that it will send a message across the globe what people of Kashmir want. “Since 1947 India has been violating the rights of people of Kashmir and have killed lacs of innocents. Now Indian agencies are hell bent to spread communal disharmony,” he claimed.

“No policeman till date has been punished or charged for these heinous offences they committed against people of Kashmir. World should know that people of Kashmir have no rivalry with the people of India but are fighting for their birth right, self to determination, but India is running away from its promises it had made”, reads the statement quoting Salah-ud-Din.


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