UJC Chief Hails Sharief’s UN Speech

KL Report


UJC supremo and Hizb chief Syed Sallah-ud-din Saturday hailed the statement of the Pak premier Mian Nawaz Sharief made in United Nations General Assembly about Kashmir.

According to KNS,  Sallah-ud-din stated that Pakistan must remain on its stand on Kashmir firmly and the statement made by Sharief reflects the aspirations of the people of the region.

“The statement made by Sharief in United Nations didn’t only won the hearts of the perturbed people of Kashmir but has also silenced those who earlier had claimed that Pakistan has diluted its stand on Kashmir.”

Sallah-ud-din has stated that for peace in South Asia , Kashmir resolution is must and that time is near when the ‘dispute’ will be resolved in accordance to the wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir. He also stressed that Pakistan must pursue its policy on Kashmir firmly and no step should be taken wherefrom this idea could be drawn that Kashmir cannot be addressed in accordance to people’s wishes.


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