UJC Chief Vows To Intensify Attacks, Says ‘Diamond Cuts Diamond’

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United Jehad Council (UJC) Chairman, Syed Sallah-u-Din said that village representatives are becoming the prey of mainstream leaders as they are not ready to share powers with them. He told Kashmir based news-gathering agency CNS that mainstream politicians are the worst enemies of people of Kashmir. “These people fully know what India has been doing in Kashmir and still they let it happen for their petty interests. India has not booked a single offender for the killing of innocent people of Kashmir and it is these politicians who makes Indian rule stronger in Kashmir,” he said.

Saluting those policemen who from time to time helped ‘Kashmir freedom struggle’ to flourish without caring for their masters, Syed Sallah-u-Din said that Mujhadeen are well aware about each and every activities of Jammu and Kashmir police. “We know who our foes are and where from anti-movement policemen get directions. It’s heartening to see Mujhadeen targeting our own Kashmiri policemen but we no option other than this,” he said.

While replying to a question, he said Hurriyat leadership should sit together and take a final decision on the election boycott issue. “Some of our friends say elections have no bearing on Kashmir issue, some say people should vote as it is an administrative affair and yet others believe in boycott by saying that India defames freedom struggle in the garb of elections. I appeal Geelani Sahab, Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq to sit at one place and take a final decision in this regard. If they favour boycott then they should go door to door and appeal people not to vote and I am dead sure no one would participate in the elections,” UJC Chairman told CNS.

Claiming that Article 370 exists only on papers, Syed Sallah-u-Din said that Indian Army has not only occupied land illegally in Kashmir but has also got the ownership of some 28 lakh kanals of land at different parts of Jammu and Kashmir. “Those who talk about Article 370 are trying to befool people. It is politics and nothing else. People of Kashmir must realize they are not safe under Indian occupation,” he said adding for even Indian Civil Society is admitting that India is ruling over Kashmir by force.

He declared that Hizb would intensify attacks over Indian security personnel. “Diamond cuts diamond. Our daring attacks would shake their (Indian Troopers) foundation. Our recent attacks were just test doze for them and they should remember that Mujahdeen could strike anywhere at any time,” he said.

Syed Sallah-u-Din said that Pakistan should have a dialogue with India only when its position would be stronger. “Let India accept that it is a dispute and have dialogue with Pakistan and Kashmiri people. Dialogue is a futile exercise as India always harps on ‘atoot ang’ (integral part) mantra,” he said adding that the guns of Mujhadeen would continue to roar till India not vacates from Kashmir. “We would enforce dialogue on India once our position would be stronger. Only stronger and powerful contenders win across the table. We have to make ourselves powerful at the cost of our enemy,” Syed Sallah-u-Din said.


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