Unionists a part of the crimes of Army: Khan

KL Report


Senior separatist leader and National Front Chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has said that the latest revelations made by the former Indian Army Chief VK Singh has vindicated the stand of Separatist leaders that “all the pro-India politicians of J&K are collaborators of India and are directly involved in the crimes committed by the forces.”

“It is not VK Singh but the blood of innocent Kashmiri martyrs which has finally spoken out,” Khan said in a statement adding “finally the stand of pro-freedom leaders about the so called operation Sadbhawna like activities has got vindicated.”

Retired Gen V K Singh has claimed that certain ministers in Jammu and Kashmir are given money by the army and this has been going on since Indian Independence and the activities which engage youth like KPL (Kashmir Premier League) are funded by Army.

Khan said that the latest statement of VK Singh has made it clear that “Army rule prevails in Jammu and Kashmir and all the pro-India politicians are directly involved in whatever sufferings Kashmiri people face by the hands of forces.”

“Singh’s statement has revealed that the occupation is being strengthened through activities engaging youth and taking some civic actions in hand,” Khan said.

“It is an eye opener that the J&K Ministers play the role of faithful collaborators on one hand and on the other they reach to people and pose as innocents,” Khan said.

He added, “The pro-India politicians are blots on the face of democracy and these people are responsible for demolishing the democratic and legal institutions in Kashmir. They have choked the genuine political and just voice of oppressed Kashmirs. The state legislative assembly is working as political face of military rule. The people in India and outside, who talk about democracy should see how Kashmir is being managed militarily, how political show is being run, how so called political establishment and the government is working as stooges in Kashmir,” Khan said.


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