Universities must Assume Role of Knowledge Leaders: Edu Min



Stressing upon improving standard of education in the State, Minister of Education Naeem Akhtar, Tuesday said the universities must assume the role of knowledge leaders to usher the state into an era of enlightenment.

“Instead of producing disabled certificates holders, the University of Kashmir must set a trend to take Jammu and Kashmir into the next era of knowledge and enlightenment, where in their educational degrees become a tool of empowerment, rather than a source of embarrassment and helplessness,” Akhtar said.

The Education Minister was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Science and Technology Block (College of Engineering) at University of Kashmir.

Akhtar stressed upon the University officials to make the new block an asset for future generations. “Just look at the resources set aside by the State Government. Now it is your responsibility to optimally utilise these resources,” he said.

Directing officials to start evening classes at the University, the Minister said the State Government is open to ideas on reforming the education sector, “By starting evening classes and doubling the capacity of this institution, you will effect the biggest social intervention in our state,” he said.

“Cities like Bangaluru and Pune attract youth from across the country because they use their infrastructure optimally, which is not the case in our state. I want this trend to change. Small interventions can bring big changes,” he said.

The Minister directed the officials to keep the academic atmosphere alive in the state during winters by keeping the University open and imparting training in skill development to the students.

“Let’s make a change this year and make this institution a knowledge leader, not only in the State but in the entire country,” the Minister said.


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