Unscheduled Power Cuts Irk Srinagarities



The unscheduled power cuts here have irked the residents of many localities in the city, demanding that power supply must be restored them in the on-going chilling winter.

Residents of Mandir Bagh, Gow Kadal and Maisuma told KNS that Power Development Department (PDD) is subjecting them to unscheduled power cuts in the harsh winter.

Zubair Ahmad, a resident of Mandir Bagh, said that with the unscheduled power cuts in the area, the people are being forced to take to streets. “We are continuously pleading before the higher ups in this regard while the authorities assured us to redress their grievance but the promises done by the authorities proved hoax,” he said.

Accusing the higher ups for ignoring their plights, the residents here have demanded complete redressal of their genuine grievances.

He further said that if the unnecessary power cuts won’t end, we will block the main road in the area to protest against the department. “The authorities present in the sub division Basant bagh hardly pay heed over the issue and leaves residents to suffer at large,” he said.

The resident later appealed to Chief Engineer, Bashir Ahmad Khan to look into the issue and redress the genuine problem at earliest.


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