Urs Of 17th Century Sufi Saint Celebrated With Religious Fervor in Kishtwar

Asif Iqbal Naik


Annual Urs of 17th century Sufi saint, Hazrat Shah Mohammad Fareed-ud-Din Baghdadi (RTA) known as Shah Sahib was celebrated with religious favour in Kishtwar. Over 50,000 people from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir and outside are believed to have visited the shrine Thursday.

On this occasion, the caretakers of the shrine of Sufi saint displayed the personal belongs including sword, clothes and stick used by Shah Sahib during his life.

Keeping in view the heavy rush of pilgrims, District administration Kishtwar along with police had made security arrangements, beside availability of drinking water.

The Auqaf Islamia Kishtwar have also made boarding and lodging arrangements for the pilgrims at Baitul Zaireen at Hidyal Chowk Kishtwar, but many pilgrims showed their dissatisfaction over the arrangements made by the administration.

Many pilgrims accused administration for acute shortage of transportation, bathrooms and temporary shelters. Several pilgrims were seen sleeping on foot paths as well as in open, said some eyewitnesses.

After night long special prayers, the Urs will end on morning.


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