‘Use of pepper gas resembles brutality of Israel over Gaza’

KL Report


Condemning the use of poisonous paper gas by police while dispersing protestors in various parts of Srinagar including Saraf Kadal, Habba Kadal and other parts of the Valley, senior Hurriyat (M) leader Javaid Ahmad Mir Monday said it resembles the brutality of Israel over the Gaza.

“Despite repeated calls by many human rights groups and the civil society, it is ironical that police is still using pepper gas in the Valley against peaceful protesters. This is against international covenants of human rights which the forces are using,” he said.

Mir said people living in these areas particularly new born babies, asthma patients, pregnant women are facing non-bearable problems due to pepper gas explosions and also the risk of death.

Quoting the famous writer Alva Myrdal, Javaid Mir said: “The age in which we live can only be characterized as one of barbarism. Our civilization is in the process not only of being militarized, but also being brutalized seems to fittingly describe the sad state of affairs in Kashmir in wake of unabated human rights abuses by men in uniform.”

“Painfully enough, the poisonous pepper Gas is now suffocating and killing people in Kashmir as it is being indiscriminately used to quell protests especially in Downtown Srinagar,” he added.


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