Health officials brush swine flu threat under the carpet: DAK

KL Report


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Monday said that recent spike in swine flu (H1N1) cases across the country is an alarm to health authorities of the valley.

“The recent increase in number of swine flu deaths because of change in the virus is a matter of grave concern as the virus has become more virulent,” the statement said.

President DAK and H1N1 expert Dr Nisar ul Hassan said that health officials in valley instead of gearing up to combat H1N1 are trying to brush the swine flu threat under the carpet to cover up their ill preparedness.

“It is the responsibility of health officials to ensure that public in such a situation should be accessible to credible and consistent information rather than concealing facts to cover up their inefficiencies which is criminal. H1N1 virus is already in our community and due to possible change in virus, outbreak is imminent. It makes no sense to check at entry points once the virus is already in community by which we are given to understand that expert opinion is not taken,” he said.

“There is no planning and coordination for implementation of procedures that would combat any eventuality of H1N1 outbreak. It is highly irresponsible of health officials not to prepare hospitals and stockpile drugs and vaccines to combat H1N1. Some health officials in order to cover up their incompetence hide facts of swine flu outbreak from public thus risking precious human lives which is outrageous and unacceptable,” he added.


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