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Welcoming the recent statement of US state department whereby it had stated that US would utilize its all efforts to bring India and Pakistan closer, Hurriyat (M) spokesman Monday said that Hurriyat believes that international community would help in solving Kashmir dispute – the core dispute between India and Pakistan – to bring stability and security in the South Asian region and promote friendly relations between the two nations.

“Being an influential country of the international community and having friendly relations with both nuclear armed nations,” the spokesman said, “US can play an important role in persuading India and Pakistan to solve Kashmir and their other pending issues.”

The spokesman said that Kashmir dispute was the major cause of confrontation between India and Pakistan, adding, it becomes incumbent on US to play an active role in solving Kashmir issue according to the wishes and political aspirations of Kashmiris.

The spokesman has also hailed the resumption of secretary level talks between India and Pakistan, adding, any talks aimed at solving Kashmir issue could not bear fruit without the inclusion of Kashmir who are the prime party to the dispute.

Meanwhile, Hurriyat spokesman has congratulated Kashmiri Pandit community on the occasion of Maha Shivratry.



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