UT Administration Ladakh Abstains Government Employees From Opining

SRINAGAR: Taking a strong note of the allegations that many employees are taking part in political dialogue and are making adverse criticism of government policies on several mediums of information, especially social media, the General Administration Department of UT Ladakh has issued guidelines to its employees.

It had come into the notice of the administration that many government employees are engaging in activities subversive to current government actions and policies.

Taking notice of the activities of the employees considered to be ‘unbecoming of the public servant,’ the order reads that no government employee shall take part or be associated or subscribe with any political party or take part in elections. The employee should maintain political neutrality.

Further, the order lays down the norms to be followed by the employees asking them not to communicate with any form of media wherein the employees’ utterances, statements of fact or opinion which criticizes any current action or policy of the government. The communication with any media should not be even corresponded anonymously or pseudonymously.

The order puts the responsibility on the Head of the Department to ensure strict adherence to rules and mandates the HOD’s to take prompt action against violators.


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