VDC Terror: PDP Min Pitches for Disbanding Govt Militia



Terming gun in the hands of civilian as fatal for the society, senior PDP politician and Minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department, Tribal Affairs and Legal Metrology Department Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali has toughen stand on the existence of VDCs demanding review on the issue of their continuation or disbanding.

Addressing media person at Rajouri, Minister said that time has come to take review on the VDCs. He said that there is no need of handing over gun in the hands of civilian when its need is now over.

Terming recent 2 incidents of Potha and Samote as brutal murders by VDC men, Zulfkar said that the concept behind VDC during militancy era was self-protection and there was need of gun for self-protection during that period but when the militancy is almost over there is no fun of continuing VDC in the peace zones where militancy graph has at least come to zero level.

He said that when the gun meant for self-protection will be used for human murders and destruction, the need of disbanding the same arise. He added that recent incidents have forced everyone having human heart to think on disbanding these VDCs at least from the areas where there is no need of it.

Appealing people to maintain peace, Zulfkar said that this VDC gun is becoming hurdle in maintaining peace and this gun is now used frequently to murder other human being. The Minister has said that when gun is no solution of any problem then there is no need to continue VDCs in peace zones of the state because people have started its wrong use which is fatal for the society.


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