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Urging Prime Minister (PM) Dr Manmohan Singh, to visit Pakistan to break the political stalemate between the two countries, CPI (M) State Secretary M Y Tarigami today said the peace process between the two countries should not be overturned because of domestic compulsions.

“I earnestly appeal Dr Singh not to get swayed by the domestic political compulsions and visit the neighboring country,” Targami said.

“For Dr Singh, in the twilight of his political career, the latest invitation from Pakistan president perhaps provides him a chance to be magnanimous and go down in the annals of history as a statesman, not a mere politician,” he added.

He said dialogue process between India and Pakistan would remain inconclusive unless the political aspirations of Kashmiris are included.

Urging New Delhi and Islamabad to give up rigidity Tarigami said besides taking concrete efforts for rapid development across LoC, initiating a meaningful dialogue with the voices of dissent was inevitable for amicable resolution of Kashmir problem.

Tarigami said the role of people of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be marginalized and in this regard alienation among the people of the state be addressed with a sincere and lucid talks offer.

He also urged PM to personally intervene and grant general amnesty for all political prisoners languishing in different jails inside Kashmir and other parts of the country. Tarigami said this move could help in improving the ground situation in Kashmir. “Also as a part of confidence building measure, releasing all those prisoners not involved in heinous crimes will help in improving the ground situation in the state,” Tarigami remarked.

Lamented that corruption was rampant in J&K Tarigami said there is a close nexus between some politicians and bureaucrats which is eating into the vitals of society. He regretted that the institutions of self-governance which need to be autonomous are still run by bureaucrats.


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