Water-logging irks HMT residents

by Salma Masood


The inhabitants of the HMT area on the outskirts of Srinagar complained of water-logging in the area which pushing the residents to immense hardships and inconvenience.

HMT Mustafabad road. KL Image

Roads of the various areas of HMT including Mustafabad, Umerabad, Ghalibabad, Iqbal Colony are submerged in water and the residents are finding it impossible to move around.

“We have to take longer routes to avoid getting into trouble while going to our destinations. Every time it rains or snows water accumulates in the streets,” said Naqshab, a local resident.

“There is no proper drainage system in the area and every time after the rainfall, the areas are submerged in water. We often raised the issue with the former MLA and administration but nothing changed,” said a local resident Mohammad Jamal.

The residents said a drainage project was started in March 2018 along the Srinagar-Baramulla highway but it was suddenly stopped after some time and excuses of unavailability of resources were made.

The work has now been resumed at some locations but that is adding to the woes of the locals in the winter season. “This should have been done in summer. Digging up roads brings more mess,” said a regular local commuter.

Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation(SMC) Peerzadah Hafeezullah said that the lack of a proper drainage system is the main reason for the water-logging in the area.

He said that they have funds and are working on a drainage project.

“We have requested assistance from Fire Department and we will try to sort out this problem soon but the water gets accumulated even after pumping it out. There is no proper outlet,” said SMC Commissioner.


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