‘We Are Working On Several Leads’: IGP On Civilian Killings

SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Police Chief has said that they have received several leads and they are working on these leads.

In a brief statement, Jammu and Kashmir Police said 2021 witnessed 28 civilians killings including five persons belong to local Hindu/Sikh community and 2 non-local Hindu labourers.

The statement said that due to the killing of “huge number of terrorists of all outfits specially their leaderships, destruction of their support structures and continuous and effective maintenance of law and order,” their handlers  have got “frustrated and changed their strategy and started targeting unarmed policemen, innocent civilians, politicians and now innocent civilians from minority communities including a woman.”

It said that in these targeted killings, they are using pistols. “These acts are committed by newly recruited terrorists or those who are about to join terrorist’s rank,” the statement said. “In some cases, OGWs have been found directly involved.”

The statement said the police are working hard and are identifying those behind the spate of killings. “We have received several leads and are working on it. We have also been launching operations along with security forces. We appeal to general public specially minority communities not to panic,” the statement added.


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