LG Manoj Sinha Statement On Civilian Killings

SRINAGAR: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has said that perpetrators of recent terror attacks will be punished. He has warned those aiding and abetting militants that every drop of innocent civilians blood will be avenged.

“My tributes to the civilians martyred in the attacks. My heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. The UT administration and the whole country stand in solidarity with the families of the victims in this hour of grief. I am deeply pained and anguished and I promise the family members of the innocent victims that perpetrators of the barbaric acts will be punished soon,” LG Manoj Sinha said.

“I am aware people of J&K UT and the whole nation are in deep anger. Everyone wants justice. I assure you that we have given free hand to the security agencies to eliminate the enemies of humanity, and soon the terrorists and those aiding and abetting them will pay for their heinous crimes. I want to assure the people of J&K that terrorists’ nefarious plan to destabilize the process of peace, development and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir will never succeed. Every drop of innocent civilians blood will be avenged,” he said.

“The peace and progress accomplished by J&K UT in the last two years has rattled the neighboring country and some of its terror sympathizers in the UT. I want to assure the people that we will completely demolish their terror ecosystem,” he added.

“The youth of Jammu and Kashmir today wants development. After decades, they have new role models, and new aspirations. In July, 10.5 lakh tourists came to Jammu and Kashmir. The figure was 11.28 lakhs in August, and in September, the numbers crossed 12 lakhs. Certain elements across the border and their associates in UT have a problem with this kind of growth and prosperity. I also urge the intelligentsia of Jammu and Kashmir to unite against terrorism, so that we could defeat the biggest enemy of humanity,” said Manoj Sinha in a statement.

“The safety and security of 1.25 Crore citizens of Jammu and Kashmir is our primary responsibility and we will ensure it. Again, I assure the people of India and the residents of Jammu and Kashmir that the militants and those who harbor such enemies of humanity will not be spared,” said LG Manoj Sinha in a statement.

Earlier, speaking to Rajat Sharma in Aaj Ki Baat, Manoj Sinha said that within one r two days, perpetrators behind these attacks will be brought to justice.

Sinha said they will find terrorists even from hell and bring them to justice. “kal shaam ya parso subah jab aap see dubara baat hogi… tab aapko yeh jaanke prasanata hogi ki Jammu Kashmir mei, logo ki suraksha ki drashti se prabhavi kadam udhaye gaye hai…,” Sinha was quoted as saying the TV host.

His government, he said, does not believe in buying peace but rather establishing it. “Ek ek aasu ki bund ki hisab liya jayega...” the LG said. “It’s clear that these are selective killing, but we have given full freedom to our security forces.”


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