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Huriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday dismissed government’s version that Pakistani flags were waived during his welcome rally on Wednesday, saying ‘Green color symbolizes Islam and not Pakistan.’

Talking to KNS, Geelani said, “New Delhi based media created a wrong notion before the Indian audience that the national flags of Pakistan were raised in his rally. Whenever there is a function of any religious organization, green color flags are waived. Of Jamat-e-Islami, Jamat-e-Ahl-e-Hadith and other religious organizations, green is the color of the flag. How could green color be color of Pakistan only? It is media which is manufacturing the news,” Geelani told KNS.

Commenting over the lodging of FIR against him by the police on Wednesday, Geelani said he is used to such cases and reports. “There are already more than 90 FIRs registered against me. One more doesn’t make a difference. They can do whatever they want. Such tactics can in no way deter me at all,” said Huriyat (G) chairman.

He maintained that he was not scared of any arrest and government action carries no importance before him. “Let they arrest me. I am not scared. In fact I am ready to get arrested,” remarked the senior separatist leader.

He alleged that national media was acting as a servant to the helmsmen and turns blind eye towards the agony and plight of the suppressed people whose rights are being crushed everyday by the power corridors. “Media should have been the voice of the suppressed people who have been denied their birth right since decades but unfortunately, they have proved themselves as the yes men of power corridors,” Geelani alleged.

He also opined that the government cannot take credit for allowing him to address the rally on Wednesday. “It is my right to express my views. Every person has a right to express his feelings. Is detaining a person for years and denying him his right to speak a legitimate entity,” he said.


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