Wear black bands tomorrow in support of NHM professionals: DAK to health dept employees

Srinagar: In an executive meeting held under the chairmanship of President DAK Dr GM Mir it was unanimously decided that the medical employees of the state will wear black band as a mark of protest against the callous behaviour of govt towards the injustice faced by the NHM employees which they have been facing since their recruitment, a statement of DAK issued here reads.

“It is quite deplorable that rather to address their genuine and grave demands they have been beaten brutally and pushed to the brim for getting their legitimate demands resolved.”

The statement added that NHM employees and the vision of its mission has undoubtedly improved the health sector across country and state and its worth to mention here that Health Sector has achieved remarkable achievements on national scale which was not possible without the contribution of NHM and NHM employees but unfortunately govt has been turning a deaf ear to the long pending genuine demands of NHM employees.

Dr G M Mir, President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) said that he is dejected on seeing the govt’s approach towards National Health Mission employees. He termed it as sheer stubborn approach towards these health employees who have served the ailing health sector through their blood and sweat.

A senior DAK member said when the authorities want to adjust their own people to safeguard their vote bank they bend the rules according to their whim and wish but when NHM employees who are the backbone of health sector have to be adjusted and regularized they plot sheer excuses.

Another executive member DAK said that its only health department that has been bringing laurels to state nationally in the govt sector and such step motherly treatment to NHM employees is a sheer injustice which will lead to immense discouragement and demonstration of work force to serve the community.

DAK appealed the staff of health department of state to wear black bands tomorrow as a mark of protest against the harassment faced by the NHM employees by the Govt. DAK stresses the Govt that its high time to intervene in this grave issue to get it resolved at the earliest otherwise we have no option but to launch a state wide agitation.


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