Weather-Hit Water Supply Schemes Trigger Water Crisis in Srinagar

KL Report


From many days now, major parts of Srinagar are facing acute water shortage as two weather-hit water schemes supplying water to many parts of Srinagar are yet to being restored—much to the chagrin of people living in the affected zone.

Public Health Engineering (PHE) officials said two Water Supply Schemes (WSS)—Rangil and Alisteang—in the central Kashmir’s Ganderbal got affected due to fresh breach and mudslides triggered by heavy downpour.

“There was a breach in the Sindh canal due to which water to Rangil and Alisteang WSS was affected,” a PHE official said.

To arrange an alternative, the official said, the department immediately made another canal operational, “but there were again mudslides at Prang and Kowbal, which proved a setback”.

“But we are on it,” he said. “Rangil will be restored soon, but Alisteang is likely to take some more time.”

The official remained tight-lipped about the time frame to restore both WSS.

Meanwhile, the delay in restoration is brewing anger in affected-people who are mulling to hit the roads if the problem won’t be fixed soon.

“Since breach and mudslides aren’t new in Kashmir, then why PHE wasn’t prepared for this,” one local from Habak Srinagar told Kashmir Life. “Weather has simply exposed chinks in PHE’s armour.”

Another local from old city said that due to water scarcity, his family members are forced to visit their relatives for bathing and washing clothes. “Bad weather is no excuse,” he said. “PHE should have been prepared for this.”

Amid flak, PHE officials said the affected areas couldn’t be provided water due to some “technical glitch”.

“However, people are advised to contact the PHE for supply of water through tankers,” said one PHE official.

Notably, this is the second time that water supply to both the WSS was affected due to breach and mudslides during the past two months.



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