Whistle Blower Accuses MD of Harassment; Allegations Baseless: MD

KL Report


A female manager of the J&K Handicrafts Corporation has accused the Managing Director of the corporation of harassing her “to avenge her act of unveiling a scandal”.

“I am being tortured Phyiscally and mentally by the MD and the Financial Advisor of our department through some corrupt officials. They have been using all sorts of tactics to pressurize and silence me so that I could not discharge my duties as a devoted and honest employee of the corporation”, Myser Jan, a manager in the corporation told KNS.

She said she was being harassed ever since she unveiled a scandal in the corporation. “The whole thing started in 2007 when I disclosed a scandal of Rs 1800 lakh .After this incident I was transferred as a punishment for my honesty to Namchabal Production Centre (NPC) ‘which is a dead station since 25 years’”, she claimed.

“The project funds received NPC by from the Government during all these years went into the pockets of corrupt officials and not a single penny was spent on any work. The matter was brought into the notice of MD to handover the case to the crime branch. On the contrary the MD and Financial advisor both hatched a conspiracy of physical assault on me on 03-05-2012 and 04-05-2012 through three lady employees. I registered a case with the police station Khoti bagh under FIR No 37/2012”, she added.

“Two of my increments were postponed with commutative effect to mislead the police and give an impression that the Managing Director was not involved in any conspiracy”, she added

She alleged that the MD was actually trying to sell the whole building and land under NPC to one of his relatives “and for that he is trying hard to make the NPC dysfunctional”.

She said despite having been rewarded for her efficiency and performance, she was suspended by the authorities on March 9 “without even issuing a charge sheet”.

When contacted, Managing Director of the corporation, Muzafar Ahmad said, the allegations leveled against him are baseless.

“She has registered many FIR’s against other officials .She is used to such tactics .When our financial advisor went NPC she was found absconding and when she was asked to explain her stand she instead attacked financial adviser”, the MD said.

He added that government is intending to take up the NPC building for college purpose and the allegation that he was planning to sell the property to his relative are false.


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