No Cancellation Of Bookings By Tourists: Mir

KL Report


Underscoring need for making tourism industry immune to the ill effects of political situation in the state, Minister for Tourism, G A Mir Monday rubbished reports suggesting that there have been cancellations of booking for the upcoming tourist season.

“We will be operating four flights in addition to last year’s 36 flights a day in the upcoming tourist season and fares right now are way more than what it was last year, which indicates that there were no cancellations of bookings by tourists”, Mir told news agency KNS on Monday.

The Minister called for keeping political activities and tourism separate from each other. “Tourism is the backbone of our economy and any ill effect on tourism will directly tell upon our economy”, the Minister said.

He called upon people of the state to uphold their traditions of hospitality and ensure that tourist feel safe while visiting the state.

“We need people’s cooperation for making the tourism season successful by ensuring that tourists face no trouble”, he added.

He appealed various stake holders to not send wrong signals outside the state which could dissuade tourists from visiting the valley. “We are having a great demand for the upcoming season. Foreign tourist influx is expected to rise and for making this season a success, we need to exhibit our warmth towards them”, Mir said.

He said the state assembly Monday resolved that political activity should be kept away from tourism and not allowed to affect the industry.


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