The white Valley; delicate snowflakes & the cloudy skies

As the white blanket covered the valley, the joy around is eminent. Kashmir Life’s photo chief Bilal Bahadur left home Saturday morning and reached Lower Munda in South Kashmir. He captured the beauty along the Srinagar-Jammu highway and also clicked the plight of stranded vehicles as the only link to Valley is closed since Friday.


The Jammu bound trucks stranded along the highway. The authorities are hopeful of restoring the only link by Tuesday, January 10, 2017

As the snow continued its journey, the men and the vehicles are standstill. Spending the time, some were talking to their families, while others were ensuring that their vehicles remain safe.

A signature shot of highway in winters when the vehicles remain stranded and people make hurdles around to discuss and pray for their smooth journey.

Managing its way, a Srinagar bound petrol tanker skidded off from the road.

A passenger vehicle starts its journey from Qazigund to Islamabad.

A view from the other side of road as the snow draped trees and vehicle moving at snails pace.

A pedestrian carrying essentials walks on the snow to reach other side of the village.

The snow ornamented tress, cold waves and a man walking his journey towards Islamabad.

A view from the top of village covered under the blanket of snow.

Nature at its best. The picture clicked as Bilal told was an experience worth his journey of 200 kms up and down.


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