Why Do Noah And Manu Look Like The Same Characters In History?

by Dr Qudsia Gani

The aliens that are going to visit us in future have been prophesied both in Quran and Bible as Gog and Magog. No amount of search and research could trace them on earth especially when we are now enabled for satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe.

Noah’s Ark (1846) by American folk painter Edward Hicks. Pic: Wikipedia

Indians are said to be the descendants of Manu. In Indian mythology, he is the first man of this land, and the legendary author of an important Sanskrit law code, the Manusmṛiti (Laws of Manu). This is traditionally the most authoritative of the books of Hindu code (Dharma Shastra).

Most rulers of medieval India have traced their genealogy back to him. Manu has remarkable similarities with prophet Noah of Hebrew Bible figures. Both have survived a great flood and both names have a syllable beginning with “N”. There is a high likelihood that they may actually be pointing to the same person. They are also alike in having many descendants. It is the same era both from Hindu and Christian texts.

The tale of the great flood has been mentioned in Vishnu Purana and the Mahabharata with some variations and is referenced by eminent historians such as Romila Thapar in her research works.

Manu had built a boat to carry his family and the seven sages to safety. We find a similar story in Islamic traditions. In fact, this story is told in more than twelve hundred cultures across the world. There is anthropological and historical evidence for Noah and there are sedimentary strata all over the world. Noah’s ark was found in Urartu, an ancient kingdom in eastern Turkey, which can be identified with Mount Ararat in the Bible, according to Jack Sasson, a professor of Jewish and biblical studies at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, USA.

Some local links in India can be traced to the Mewat region which spans parts of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Here a district was carved out in 2005, from Gurugram, and renamed Nuh in 2016.

Two years later, NITI Aayog ranked it the most backward district in India. Around 79 per cent of Nuh’s population comprises Muslims, and most of whom are called Meo Muslims, whose faith includes a mix of Islamic and Hindu customs. However, it should be left to analysts and archaeologists to ascertain the truth of history through excavations and findings.

But for the taste of explorers of outer space, there is another story of captivating interest as Noah is also believed to have been an alien. Was he but?

Very ancient history and lately the sacred scriptures like Bible have recorded that the people of Idris and Noah were enslaved by the alien beings. Idrees was the great grandfather of Noah. Though both were earthly human beings they were bestowed with extraordinary abilities.

According to Bible, Idris was capable of intergalactic travel and therefore no wonder that he is known to have died on the fourth heaven. The duo fought the aliens many times. Eventually, the great flood came as a helping hand from Almighty to get rid of this menace. Noah’s ark was a craft built to save Earth’s biodiversity from a planetary crisis. The great flood also served as a demarcation. The deluge engulfed the extraterrestrials and spared the humans and the biodiversity on earth.

Back in space, the exo-planet hosting the aliens was blasted leaving behind the debris in the form of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. New pieces of evidence suggest that these fabled aspects of the great flood may, in fact, be true.

A photograph showing Moon Dog (halo), Mars, Saturn, Jupiter Milkyway and summer triangle at the Hanle observatory in Ladakh. Pic: Dorje Angchuk

From traces of a major meteor impact in the Indian Ocean to a worldwide ash layer, and even remnants of Noah’s gravesite, researchers are starting to put the pieces of a very deadly puzzle together to throw a direct hint at the story of extraterrestrial beings.

Coincidentally an American television writer, director, producer, screenwriter, and bestselling author, by the name Noah Hawley is all set to create a new television series based on the Alien film franchise. He is already popular for creating and writing the FX television series Fargo (2014–present) and Legion (2017–2019).

Currently, all of us exist in only one basket i.e Earth and given the existential threats to life such as a global pandemic even more deadly than Covod19, or a runaway greenhouse effect due to climate change, outer space seems to be our ultimate destination. But even if we achieve that feat someday, we can never be sure if we will be at peace with the natives there.

Therefore, there is nothing more practical and urgent than Noah’s ambition of saving life on earth itself?

Dr Qudsia Gani

Though I am least interested in the pages of history, this story carries relevance for the future. The end times are going to bear a striking similarity with the Noavaic period particularly with regard to extraterrestrials. The aliens that are going to visit us in future have been prophesied both in Quran and Bible as Gog and Magog. No amount of search and research could trace them on earth especially when we are now enabled for satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe. So they are exotic species in a greater probability. They will be hostile to the hosts and we will not have a Noah to spare us.

From the scientific point of view, it can be assumed that they have the power to travel between the planets much like what we call time travel or intergalactic travel. While this is for us a distant dream sought after by physicists, for the extraterrestrials it may be a routine affair.  I have unlearnt that we have advanced in astronomical science. The fact may be that the remote residents in time were far more superior and supernatural, truly cherishing and living through the miracles of science.

(The author teaches Physics at the Cluster University Srinagar. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Kashmir Life.)


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