Why Is AMU Website Inaccessible In Kashmir?

by Maleeha Sofi

SRINAGAR: The official website of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) often leaves aspiring admission seekers from Jammu and Kashmir high and dry as it is not accessible most of the time.

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU, Aligarh

Students from Jammu and Kashmir, who want to get into the prestigious institute, are left surfing the internet to know about the courses on offer along with the admission details and fee structure of the varsity.

“I checked the university’s website for checking the fee structure and courses offered,” Soliha Sofi, who once aspired for admission to AMU said. “But the official website doesn’t load.” She said “unfortunately” she couldn’t even consider the university for her future studies.

The university’s admission and examination departments have different websites which are also down leaving one wondrous about the reasons.

“The website of AMU was hacked a couple of years ago. After the revival, it wasn’t maintained properly. The server usually goes down for outside people when the rush on the website increases,” Touseef  Bashir, an alumnus of the varsity said. “The website is accessible in a hassle-free manner for those who use the university’s intranet.”

Bashir said the website of the university was a basic one which can’t bear the rush of netizens beyond a certain capacity.

Aligarh Muslim University, based in Uttar Pradesh, is under the aegis of the central government where Jammu and Kashmir’s students, particularly from the Valley have been enrolled in good numbers since its establishment. As per an article, published in News Click in May 2022, around 1300 students from Jammu and Kashmir were enrolled in AMU. The varsity offers courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels.

Kashmir considers AMU as the second major contributor to their education after the Christian Missionary educational set-up, in a historical context.


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