Why Omar questions everybody, other than father, grand pa, Rasheed’s Tuesday Question

SRINAGAR: Reiterating that seeking answers from the political leadership of various thoughts is a right of every individual and the masses, Engineer Rasheed suggested Omar Abdullah to avoid being selective.

“Before asking people to condemn Pakistani PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for rejecting the option of independent Kashmir should not only condemn late Sheikh Sahib for seeking plebiscite but also Dr Farooq Abdullah for rejecting the option of independent Kashmir,” Rasheed said in a statement.

“No doubt Geelani has a lot to explain and justify but it is mere hypocrisy on behalf of Omar to pickup selective chapters of J & K history just for his political gains,” the statement said. “The way he has interpreted Abbasi’s statement, it seems as if he is a champion of independent Kashmir. If it is so or even otherwise , Omar Abdullah should then equally condemn his father also for rejecting the idea of independent Kashmir.”

Omar was reacting to Abbasi’s rejected of the option of independent Kashmir.

Rasheed added that while Geelani sahib owes an answer that why did he contested elections when plebiscite movement was at its peak and the masses preferred to stay away from those elections but Omar needs to answer a larger and more vital question that why did Sheikh shahib betrayed Kashmiris in 1975.

“If Omer Abdullah feels those opposing independent Kashmir deserve condemnation, then was not Sheikh Abdullah’s plebiscite movement itself a sellout or a fight for Pakistan’s interests. While Sheikh Abdullah was a leader of masses, Geelani sahib would struggle to secure even his own seat, as such its evident that Sheikh sahibs mistakes and sellouts have damaged Kashmiris more as compared to Geelani sahibs politics.”

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