Why Ramzan Is a Change Maker?

by Hilal Lone

As fasting is the 4th pillar of Islam, Ramzan is the holy month of mercy and blessings for Muslims. Whenever this month comes, people with great enthusiasm welcome it, with the hope to seek forgiveness, blessings, and mercy from the Almighty Allah. It is obligatory for every Muslim man or woman, except sick and nursing mothers to keep fast.

Purpose of Ramzan

Fasting brings you closer to Allah. An opportunity to earn blessings, seek mercy, a refuge from hell, and abide in paradise. Allah through the blessings of fasting testifies patience, obedience, submitting willingness, and trust upon Him (SWT) and determination in the faith of His servants. This also gives a way to strengthen and imagine our relationship with Allah (SWT).

Benefits of Ramzan

Fasting is full of benefits. It gives an opportunity to become compassionate towards the poor and needy. An act of fasting for the sake of Allah (SWT) gives us an insight into the routine struggle of the poor to deal with the hunger. Our sympathy and compassion towards them increase and motivate us to spend on their welfare. It helps us to be more patient. Allah loves patience.

This month benefits our health as well. It strengthens our immune system. Abstains us from overeating. Prevents body to accumulate unwanted fat and hazardous substances. Detoxify our bodies. It is a natural inhibition to smoking, drinking, drugs, and offers a possible way out to get rid of addictions.

In Ramzan, nobody wants to miss prayers. It makes us completely obedient and faithful. As the month of Ramzan comes, Muslims pray day and night. For every single good 70 times, recompense is rewarded for the doer.

Recompense Of fasting here and the world hereafter

Hilal Lone

It is often said, “to human is an error”. It is mankind, whichever has been and is being misled bedevil. Besides good deeds, mankind is also responsible for bad doings. Speaking lies, dishonesty, conflict, adultery, killings, corruption, and many other things.

Allah is merciful. As Muslims, one who believes in Allah, the last day (Qiyamah) and the Prophets (peace be upon all of them), we can seek forgiveness. Allah loves to forgive those, who seek forgiveness from Him (SWT), especially the fasting ones.

As it becomes difficult for a person to get rid of the bad habits of life, fasting is the only way to lead a pious life. It abstains from bad, helps in doing good. This way we can save ourselves from haram, the forbidden one. So Ramzan is a source of blessing and mercy for all of us.

Whenever we will succeed to purify ourselves from haram and inculcate the habits to remember Allah (SWT) every day. Allah (SWT) may definitely elevate us into the category of believers (momineen) and Mohsineen. For Momineen, Mohsineen, and Shohdah (Martyrs) there will be special gesture and status in the world hereafter.

Fasting is a gift of Almighty Allah. In Islamic History, Muslims won their greatest wars during the month of Ramzan. The basic purpose of fasting is to test mankind. Allah doesn’t fail in His promises. which is mentioned in the Quran.

( The author works in the forest department. Ideas expressed are personal)


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