During JKLF’s one day sit-in and hunger strike against “eviction of Jammu Muslims” and “creating fear” among Muslims of Jammu province, several speakers Saturday expressed concern over the implementation of RSS agenda by Mufti Sayeed-led government.

Qazi Yasir, the son of Islamabad’s slain cleric Qazi Nisar questioned the wisdom of singling out RSS in the emerging narrative in Kashmir. Subconsciously, he asked, if it was sounding some sort of acceptance or support to Congress or other parties.

“Over the years, a gradual tolerance to something from India is being encouraged and is gaining acceptance,” Yasir said. “A Tablegi or a Barelvi from Kashmir hates India but loves followers of his sect. And this is gradually getting us change.”

He said everybody is right now talking about RSS as if “this small party was bigger and larger than India which has trampled our rights”. He asked the audience to ponder over his observations as talking too much against RSS creates a scene in which it seems Congress and other parties are better. “Is it so?” he asked.

Javed Mir in his brief and concluding speech attacked the ruling PDP-BJP coalition saying Mufti has been supportive of Sharnarthis. “But you see, he is reduced to a Sharnarthi himself,” he said.

A number of political activists, and columnists spoke to a gathering in Maisuma that was organized by JKLF leader Yasin Malik. The token day long sit in was organized to protest against the crisis that Muslim minorities in Jammu are facing. Malik has already stated that Kashmir can give blood for the cause of Jammu Muslims.

Reports from Jammu suggest that while part of the populations in the Jammu city are being uprooted taking the forest encroachment route, the administration in Jammu is being purged off Muslims. These reports have triggered concerns in Kashmir and for the last one week it is dominating the table talk and the public discourse.

On the occasion chairman, Yasin Malik said: “Today we are here to protest against nefarious designs of so called rulers who by displacing Jammu Muslims are trying to change the demography of Jammu at the behest of RSS.”

He said that Kashmiris are here assuring their Jammu brethren that “we will spill every drop of blood for their safety”.

He announced that he will lead a delegation to Jammu on Monday June 15, 2015 where he will meet Muslim representatives and other affected people and chalk out a joint strategy to counter “the ill designs of present rulers”.


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