PDP Terms Omar’s Rally An Attempt to Regain Relevance



Moments after opposition leader and NC’s working president Omar Abdullah took out a massive protest rally against PDP-BJP government in Srinagar on Saturday, PDP lashed out at NC for spreading “false propaganda” against the government.

In a statement, PDP general secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir said that National Conference has been the “obstructionist in government’s development agenda”.

“NC is trying to regain relevance by such dramatic protest rallies and a myth is being created that projects are stalled by the government,” he said.

Mir said PDP-led government must be judged by the policies and work in coming time.

“NC has always sold out the trust and confidence of the people of Kashmir for power and luxuries,” he said. “Let me remind the National Conference that Omar Abdullah’s misrule stands out for atrocities, corruption and a complete collapse of administration. His rule began with the infamous Shopian incident in which two young women lost their life in tragic circumstances and Omar Abdullah not only hushed it up but protected those who had agitated for justice. 2010 was a nightmarish experience for the people of Jammu & Kashmir when one after the other 120 youngsters and children were killed without a single incident being investigated. Instead about 10 thousand FIRs were filed against those young people who had demanded justice.”

Mir said 2011 marked the death in mysterious circumstances of Haji Yousuf “bringing out the stink of corruption not just within NC, but the Abdullah family and the manner in which even the mandate and ministerial jobs were bought and sold.”

In 2012, Mir said, the historical Dastgeer Saheb shrine was burnt “without the government even telling the people about its causes leading the people to believe that it was the handy work of construction mafia patronized”.

In 2013, he said, from Kishtwar to Markundal, and from Gool to Shopian “witnessed merciless killing of innocents”.

Omar Abdullah, Mir said, can’t even absolve himself of the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru early this year.

“Justice has never been subverted in any decent society as has been done in J&K under the NC government. In 2014, it showed how sensitive it was towards the people, when chief minister blamed the public of not adhering to the warnings amid the catastrophe. Previous government has credited a deplorable record of detaining teenagers under PSA,” he said.

PDP’s general secretary said that PDP has set new standards in the state politics whether it was in the government or in opposition.

“The party brought the state out of repression and darkness in 2002,” he claimed. “It scraped POTA, disbanded taskforce, disciplined Ikhwanis, freed all political prisoners and facilitated a new chapter in the Indo-Pak relations that culminated in a ceasefire at a time when the two armies were in full battle gear.”

He said in coming time “our report card can be well judged by the people themselves.”

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