Winter in Kashmir

Winter being the harshest three-month period in Kashmir triggers a glaring change in food, clothing and overall life style across valley. With snow yet to drape Kashmir white, Bilal Bahadur travels across the valley to capture the winter preparations


In the run-up to winters, people in many places can be seen making charcoal. The same charcoal warms Kashmir during winters by becoming hot embers of Kangris.


In Kashmir countryside, winters seemingly put everything into sleepy mode, albeit metaphorically. Yet, womenfolks along with their male counterparts can be seen thronging markets with different commodities.


As Kashmir’s traditional landscape is fast losing its medieval charm, several hamlets and villages still wears that old, nostalgic looks. In winters, such places only invigorates cherished memories in sightseers.


Winters being the occasion of proverbial recline in Kashmir often drives the young out. At times, their play in the splendid background often leaves the onlookers mesmerized.


People can be seen going about their usual routine on their recently harvested fields and farmlands.


Away from the fields, there is something else that keeps the womenfolk busy across Kashmir. Grinding chillies is one such activity.


Then, the processing starts.


The end product called Ver in Kashmiri hits the markets and subsequently makes people to fall in line. At a time when Kashmir has already lost many traditional food stuffs to the change, Ver continues to on the platter.


In many parts of rural Kashmir, things – like a courtyard oven – continue to delight the visitors.


People especially artisans can bee seen hitting the market with their labour of love. This man is ferrying earthen pots to nearby market in a Kashmir village.

Kashmiri vendors selling "Kangris" or traditional firepots walk on a street on a cold morning on Thursday November 24, 2016. Kashmiri people use Kangris to keep themselves warm during the winter. A Kangri fuelled with charcoal can release heat for six to eight hours.. PHOTO BY BILAL BAHADUR

Down in Srinagar, the markets remain filled with articles meant for winter use. Among them, Kangri remains a most-sought after commodity.


This is how Kangri spreads smiles across Kashmir in winters.


Roadside vendors add a different colour to winter in Kashmir.


And another one.


It is quite obvious: warmth of Kangri matters the most in winter.


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