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The president of Aligarh Muslim University students union Thursday said the FIRs registered against Kashmiri students of the varsity were based on “frivolous” charges and should be withdrawn immediately.

Government appointed Liaison Officers meets AMU Student Union President

M Salman Imtiaz said he met the liaison officers included Navin K Choudhary, Principal Secretary to government Industries and Commerce Department, Talat Parvez , Secretary to the government higher education, Zubair Ahmad, Secretary to government higher education and Abdul Majid, Secretary to government Cooperative department appointed by Government of Jammu and Kashmir for addressing the issues of students at Aligarh Muslim University and submitted a detailed memorandum, according to a statement.

“The FIRs registered against Kashmiri students at AMU under multiple sections be looked into and the charges be immediately dropped. The FIRs against the students are based on frivolous charges and pose a continued threat to the education, security and life of the students. This move will strengthen forward movement for peace in the campus and will send a positive message to people in Kashmir,” Imtiaz said.

He said the University administration and the Home Affairs Department of Jammu & Kashmir Government should sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction of a residential hall at AMU to accommodate students from the state of J&K, who fail to get hostels due to space constraints at AMU halls. This will be a great forward movement towards the safety and security of JK students and will emerge as yet another connection between the state and the university.

“The economic constraints in JK have an effect on the students studying across the institutions of Higher Education in India. In this context, the Government of JK should consider an economic package for scholarships to poor and needy JK students studying in other states of India encompassing their monthly expenses.”

In the larger interest of peace and stability, it is important to accommodate the anger of Kashmiri youth and offer them a space to express their feeling without fear of repercussions, Imtiaz said.

“Chocking political space and putting curbs on their speech and acts, adds to the existing tensions. Since thousands of Kashmiri students are studying in various institutions across the country, JK government should play a genuine role in creating a cordial environment of fearlessness among the students. The elections for the students’ Union in the campuses of different universities in Kashmir should also be permitted so as to allow students’ representation in the political makeup of their state. This will generate a new layer of leadership, much needed in Jammu and Kashmir. Youth leadership is direly needed,” M. Salman Imtiaz said.

“The interest of future generation depends on the peace in the region. I made a fervent appeal to everybody through the channel of officers to initiate peace talks and settle the political differences in an amicable manner. AMU Students’ Union is ready to assist any peace initiative aimed at settlement of any humanitarian crisis in the subcontinent,” said President AMU Students’ Union M Salman Imtiaz.


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