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National Conference Friday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for the unacceptable remarks of its leaders over the commemoration of the 13th of July as the Martyrs’ Day in J&K. National Conference Provincial President, Nasir Aslam Wani said such remarks bring forth the true nature of Mufti Sayeed’s sell-out to the BJP – a sell-out which also consists of a secret pact to disrespect our brave martyrs and to distort history.

“Nobody can dare question the sacrifices of the valiant martyrs of the 13th of July. Their sacrifice against brutality, tyranny and autocracy will continue to be a beacon of inspiration for the people of Kashmir and we will continue to hold them in the highest of esteem. Neither the PDP nor the BJP should have an iota of a doubt about the value and sanctity of the 13th July Martyrs,” NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said.

The NC Provincial President said it was outrageous of BJP politicians to suggest that they would now launch an inquiry to ascertain the validity of the sacrifice of the martyrs of 13th of July. “Nobody has a right to question the sacrifices of our most valiant role models. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed should come forward, break his apologetic silence and apologize for this outrageous statement. The PDP-BJP Chief Minister should understand that this is an extremely sensitive issue with the people and they will not tolerate any attempts to disrespect their martyrs”, NC Provincial President added.

“Rather than being deluded into thinking the 13th of July Martyrs’ need validation – or the commemoration of this historic event needs a re-look, BJP should first try to ascertain the role of its topmost leaders in fake encounters and the pogrom of minorities. We don’t require validation of our history or sacrifices from anyone – neither from Mufti Sayeed nor his allies,” the NC statement stated.


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