World Community’s Neglect May Turn Kashmir into Afghanistan: Malik

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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik has said that the world community’s disrespect to the peaceful struggle can turn Kashmir into another Afghanistan.

Addressing a gathering at Kangan, Malik according to a statement issued to a local news agency, KNS, has said,  “To ensure peace and stability of the whole world, India and the international community should fulfill their responsibilities in this regard.” The JKLF chairman was addressing a gathering at Kangan where he along with other Front leaders were accorded warm welcome.

Malik said that international community led by USA has declared a war against Taliban in Afghanistan and attacked the country by a military intervention.

“Afghan’s also used violent means of resistance and this battle lasted for more than decade. But now USA and the international community are leaving Afghanistan and talking to Taliban. On the other hand Kashmiri’s at the persuasion of this very international community left violent means and started a non violent struggle in 2008. But ironically as soon as Kashmiri’s started this positive change, world community forgot them and left them to face oppression and suppression of worst kind,” Malik has said, according to the statement received by KNS.

He said that Indian rulers instead of respecting this positive change claimed a victory over Kashmiri’s and reciprocated this positive Kashmiri attitude with bullets, imprisonments and torture. Malik said that this contrasting situation of Afghanistan and Kashmir is very alarming and can lead to a disaster.

He said Afghan people being rewarded for their violence and Kashmiri being humiliated for their peaceful approach can actually change the mind set of new generations from non-violence to violence and if this criminal silence, arrogant and denial attitude of India    and the international community remains same, nobody can stop these young boys of Kashmir, who have been suffering at the hands of unilateral state violence from taking guns and starting a new violent revolution.

Malik warned that this will turn Kashmir into another Afghanistan and thus ruin every prospect of peaceful settlement and hence jeopardize peace and stability of sub-continent as well as the whole world.

The JKLF chairman said that India and the international community will have to show some magnanimity and wisdom and take some positive steps and solve Kashmir according to the wishes, aspirations and sacrifices of Kashmiri’s.

Referring to the state assembly and its members, Malik said that this assembly and its members are actually the worst enemies of Kashmir and Kashmiri’s. “It is this assembly and its members who safeguard the interests of India and its forces in Kashmir. This is the assembly and its members who pass laws that are against Kashmiris. This is the assembly and its members who are hell bent to malign the peaceful struggle of Kashmiris.”

Malik said that the hypocritical behavior of assembly members be it independent candidates or those who belong to pro Indian parties is  evident from the fact that they all cry against AFSPA but do nothing to eradicate the black law.

He said that “Tamil Nadu and Punjab assemblies saved the lives of convicts who were declared killers of Rajiv Ghandhi and Baint Singh but it was Jammu Kashmir assembly and its members who paved way for hanging Mohammad Afzal Guru and father of Kashmiri nation Mohammad Maqbool Bhat.”

Malik said that “a nation that has sacrificed its Lakhs in a struggle have to safeguard their sacrifices and should keep away from these pro election parties and leaders” while emphasizing on the need of unity and harmony among Muslims in Kashmir.

He appealed to all to safeguard the unity and brotherhood and defeat all those forces who want to divide us on the basis of religion, sect, color, creed, region and caste.


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