Wullar Ecology Under Threat Due To HCC Wastes

KL Report


Inhabitants of villages around the Wullar Lake, where work is in progress on the Kishenganga Hyrdo Power Project, have accused the Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) of harming the ecology of the world famous lake by throwing poisonous wastes into the lake.

The locals are alleging that the lake and its adjoining agricultural land have been turned into a waste bin by the company. They further added that HCC is throwing chemical and poisonous extracts into Wullar Lake which has resulted in death of thousands of fishes. They said that HCC is not dumping wastage as per directions and is violating established rules and norms.

“The HCC is causing immense damage to environment and to agricultural land of the area. Despite approaching the authorities repeatedly, there has been no response”, alleged locals.

They threatened with mass migration if authorities failed to take immediate steps to stop the illegal activities of the construction company. Inhabitants have appealed Chief Minster to intervene in the matter.


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