Yasin Itoo stood for unity, his death is a huge loss: Dr Qasim


The killing of Muhammad Yasin Itoo alias Gaznavi and his two associates is a huge loss to the movement, said Dr Qasim Faktoo.

Stating that “Yasin was a mujahid par excellence and has done glorious service in the field of Jihad,” Dr Qasim said “after serving a detention of more than a decade Yaseen instead of choosing a life of comfort joined back Jihad and was seen as a man of great acumen.”

Muhammad Yain Itoo (Image: FB)

He said “in this period of great fitna, Yasin was a mujahid commander who stood for unity in the ranks and was looked upto by all rank and file in mujahideen.”

“It is a moment of sadness for entire resistance camp. The sacrifice of Yasin Itoo and his two associates will be remembered for times to come because they stood the ground and allowed his associates to escape safely thus setting a great example of bravery and leading by example he said and added that “it is an irreparable loss. His efforts to maintain unity and his leadership will be missed. We pray to Almighty Allah to elevate the status of these martyrs and bestow sabr on their families.”



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