Young Sons Sacrificing Lives to End Occupation: Aasiya Andrabi



Talib Afzal
Slain militant, Talib Afzal Shah

Paying glorious tributes to Talib Hussain Shah, the LeT commander killed in Kakpora Pulwama encounter the Dukhtaran-e-Millat chief Aasiyeh Andrabi said that the young “sons of the nation are sacrificing their lives to end the Indian occupation”. She said that the nation in general and the leadership in particular is duty bound to “safeguard and make the sacred sacrifices fetch fruits of freedom and fulfil the dream of Mujahideen come true”.

Andrabi condemned the use of force against the mourners and said those who claim to be in battle of ideas don’t even allow the decent burial.

“I am pained to see the young sons like Talib getting killed but our children find no other way but to fight for the freedom which has been snatched by India,” Aasiyeh Andrabi said in a statement while paying tearful tributes to Talib. She said that Talib despite being highly educated and having every chances of making a lucrative career chose a difficult life with a “dream of freedom in his eyes”. She said, “India at one hand is claiming to be the biggest democracy of the world and on the other hand has occupied our land and made us hostage forcing our children to sacrifice their lives.”

“Indian masses should be ashamed to see their thousands of army men with highly sophisticated war machinery fighting a lone Mujahid holding an ordinary weapon and at the same time the browbeaten Kashmiri nation should feel proud to see the brave hearts like Talib giving a tough fight and not bowing before a mighty and brutal army,” she said.

She further said, “the coward army has raised a house to ground as if there were hundreds of Mujahideen hiding there. Though Talib was martyred as soon as occupation forces cordoned the area but they raised a house to the ground just to give vent to their frustration and take revenge.”

“India wants to harm the occupied nation in every respect. They want to destroy us by killing our children, looting and harming our properties but let India know it for certain that it cannot dissociate the masses from the movement by harassing them”.

Hailing the “moral support of the people for the Mujahideen while the fight was going on”, Andrabi said, “it was encouraging to see the people, without caring for their lives, showing moral support for those who are sacrificing their today for a better tomorrow of this nation, in fact the nation owes a lot to these young children.”

Dukhtaran-e-Millat chief asked the people and the leadership to show steadfastness towards the movement and said, “let us know our responsibilities towards the movement; we owe a lot to the young children who sacrifice their today for our tomorrow. This is good and encouraging that people show love for the Mujahideen while they achieve martyrdom but they should not forget their souls and rally behind the so called mainstream people who are like the pillars of Indian occupation.” (CNS)


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