Youth Dismantled CRPF Bunker After They Vacated

Youth dismantling a CRPF bunker in Batamalo. Photo by: Bilal Bahadur


Dozens of youth in Batamallo dismantled a CRPF bunker of 157th battalion after the troops vacated it in the wee hours on Saturday.

Among the very infamous forces bunkers of the city, the ‘Rekechowk bunker’ was set up in early 1990 when the militancy started in Kashmir.

 In early 90’s CRPF was deployed there later they were replaced by BSF. Finally, CRPF took over the bunker again.

 On Saturday morning, CRPF vacated the bunker and as the news spread, the youth gathered and start dismantling it. The eyewitnesses said they even pelted a few stones on the empty bunker.

“It was just the exhibition of anger,” said a shopkeeper who witnessed the dismantling of the bunker added that a number of civilians have lost their lives due it and hundreds  were tortured.

“We had decided to remove three bunkers in Srinagar city and we did it in just two days,” said CRPF spokesman, Sudhir Kumar.

CRPF had removed its bunkers at Amira Kadal and Baghias Chattabal on Friday.

 Government officials said that the total number of bunkers removed from Srinagar has touched 45 in the last two years


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