Youth have Important Role to Transform Structure, Ensure Accountable System: Para



Waheed Ur Rehman Para
Waheed Ur Rehman Para

In a bid to reach out to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, PDP youth wing held day long youth workshop and discussed the strategy for “empowerment of youth of the state”, a statement said Monday late evening.

“Besides the youth leaders of the youth wing along other core members of all districts of the state actively joined and discussed the prevailing situation of the valley,” a statement by PDP president said Monday evening.

Speaking on the occasion State Youth President and Political Analyst in the Chief Minister’s Office, Waheed Ur Rehman Para said, “the main agenda is to empower the youth and their ideas be taken seriously.”

“Emphasizing the need of involving the youth in building a modern and peaceful Jammu and Kashmir,” Para said, “the state can come out of its problems of uncertainty and development, only if the younger population is engaged creatively and their talent and energy given a positive direction.”

Abhijeet Jasrotia who was part of the youth interaction said, “this is a big achievement to know the different persons coming from different areas with different thoughts and opinions. Such interactions also provide space to issues, grievances and many other things.”

Professor Ravinder Zutshi, who was also part of the youth interaction, said, “youth can be an inspiration to full the lacunae. Government should connect with youth seriously and the change will be visible.”

“The other youth wing activists were actively discussing the administrative and political reality of state. They were discussing that the agenda of the present government is and will remain transparent,” the statement said.

“PDP is the party of all and though it has in its people friendly agenda and promotion of interests of all sections of the society but youth constitutes the core of the PDP’s programme,” said Para.

Calling upon the youth to “ensure change on the ground”, Para said, “the youth have an important role to play to transform the structure and ensure an accountable, transparent system on the ground,” adding, “PDP is the only party having a youth related policy and the party will carry it forward and implement it.”


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