National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said the youth holds the key to J&K’s future of dignity and progress and said holistic education and exposure should be made available in every town and village as education alone can work as a catalyst for a nation’s prosperity. Dr Farooq Abdullah was speaking at the Annual Seerat Conference organized by Baba Payam-ud-din Memorial (Secondary) Islamic Educational Institute at Chandilora, Tangmarg Wednesday. The Seerat Conference was co-sponsored by Tangmarg Welfare Society, an NC statement said.

“The youth of our State has the talent, integrity and passion to take our State to new heights of prosperity with honour and dignity. It is in their endeavours that we can find a better future for the State and its people. Despite the very trying circumstances that have existed in our State, our youth have excelled in all fields because of their talent and sheer dedication,” Dr Farooq Abdullah said.

The NC President said holistic education was a fundamental right of every child irrespective of his economic background of geographical location. “Our educational institutions have to hone the talent in our youth and guide them towards the path of honesty, sincerity and selfless service to their people. There are scientists, doctors, engineers and researchers who have come from our far-flung villages and towns and have made a name for themselves and the State all around the world. These are the role models that our youth should emulate while at the same time realizing the importance of serving the State and its people – they should help resolve long-standing issues and problems in the State and become engines of Change,” the NC President said.

“Religious education is equally important as education in sciences, literature and language. Spirituality has been synonymous with Kashmir and we should educate our coming generations with our religious history, scriptures and the work of great Sufi saints. A holistic education is imperative for a nation’s growth and welfare,” Dr Farooq added.


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