13 Year Old Girl Raped In Shopian

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After more than a months delay, family of a 13 year old rape victim from Zaoora, Shopian lodged FIR with local police.

On November 25, 2012,  Shaheen (name changed), a 7th standard student was abducted and allegedly raped by Shahid Ahmad Wani s/o Manzoor Ahmad Wani of Aliyalpora Shopian.

According to reports, after abducting Shaheen from near her house, Shahid allegedly took her to his house where he raped her.  Shaheen in her statement to police said she was forcibly given some medicine which made her lose consciousness     

It was only after Shaheen gained consciousness she realized she has been raped. She started shouting for help. Her cries were heard by neighbors who tried to save her but the house was locked. Only after Shahid’s family members returned that Shaheen was rescued from the house. But nobody informed the police as the victim’s family wished to bury the issue. “We thought it is a matter of girl and if we report our whole family will face social stigma,” said the mother of Shaheen.

“Next day the family of Shahid was not found in the area but soon they started blackmailing us from Delhi not to report to police otherwise they will leak a video clip of Shaheen on TV and internet and we didn’t report to police,” Victim’s mother said.

On January 1, 2013, the accused and his family returned back to valley and directly went to the house, of Shaheen, along with some goons to threaten the family and they also attacked the family of the victim. And then the family realized they should report to police and lodged an FIR, 1/2013 under sections 342 and 376.

 “Shahid always used to follow Shaheen from her school to home and he tried a number of times to talk to her. But when he realized Shaheen is not ready to talk to him he abducted her,” says mother of the victim.


  1. this is the time when we must rise against these wild animals there should be no if no but only death to these monsters
    offender should be hanged in the middle of the shopian


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