2014 Records Highest Number of Accidental Deaths on Two-Wheelers



The latest National Crime Report Bureau (NCRB) has mentioned two-wheeler among the top vehicles on which most of the road accidental deaths occurred in 2014.

According to the report prepared by NCRB, the total number of road accidents occurred in 2014 was recorded as 5778 and the total number of deaths occurred in it was recorded as 977 – most of them were occurred on motor bikes. “Out of 977, the total number of deaths occurred on bikes were recorded as 235,” reveals the report.

In Srinagar, the summer capital of the state, the total number of deaths on two-wheeler was recorded as 45 in previous year, according to the report.

However, the report reads that the toll of persons who suffered injuries in the accidents was high as compared to the total number of accidents. 7958 people were injured in the accidents in 2014.

The report reveals that the least number of accidents have taken place on Jeeps which was recorded as six.  The total number of accidental deaths on buses was recorded as 181 while 115 accidental deaths took place on trucks.

It further reads that the total number of deaths occurred on cars was recorded as 102 followed by 66 on SUV. “On Auto Tractors, the total number of deaths was recorded as 37 and on three-wheeler auto-rickshaw, the deaths was recorded as 16,” reveals a report.

The report further reads that the total number of accidental deaths occurred due to the other motor vehicles was recorded as 140.

It is worth to mention here that the reports published in the media reveal that Islamabad district has reported the highest number of accidents in rural Kashmir with the number being 220 while Pulwama reported the lowest number of accidents of 47 in 2014.

Senior officials say the large number of accidents has been a major challenge for administration during last few years with six average accidents per day since 2011. “There was a need of generating more awareness regarding traffic rules among public,” a top official has said.

On August 14 this year, the state administration led by Mufti Muhammad Sayeed has raised concern over the rising number of road accidents in the Valley and has decided to install Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) in the all passenger vehicles plying on highways and other roads of Jammu and Kashmir. (KNS)

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