Omar asks people to ‘make PDP bite dust in Lok Sabha Elections’

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Equating PDP leadership with empty vessels, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who is also Working President of the National Conference Tuesday said that they are making noises like hollow pots and try to sustain on falsehood.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while addressing Election rallies and workers meeting in Pattan, Rafiabad and Langate today, Omar said that broken promises, hollow slogans and vested interests are the hallmark of PDP and its leadership. “Mufti duo are in undercover league with BJP and are providing all tactical support to Narendra Modi hopping that he will bring them back to power in J&K in the same manner as BJP installed Mufti Sayeed as Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir in 2002 with the view to operating its anti-J&K agenda through him”, he said and maintained that the leadership of PDP has sold its conscience and interests of the people of the State to its New Delhi mentors but they should know that gone are the days when Khaileel Khan used to fly doves .

“People of the Jammu and Kashmir will not allow it to happen again, they will make the PDP to bite the dust both in the current Lok Sabha Elections and in ensuing Assembly polls”, he asserted and said that weeding deceptive elements out of the politics from the State is the need of the hour.

Omar said that PDP lives on circulating rumors and false propaganda. He said its leadership lies to people and is known for broken promises. He said during the tenure of Mufti Sayeed as Chief Minister of the State and as the Home Minister of the Country, he never talked about Kashmir issue, AFSPA or any other such important matters but his only contribution towards the State was to install Jagmohan as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. “Mufti promised two employments to each household during the electioneering in 2002 but provided the employment to his own self as Chief Minister and his daughter as MP in the Parliament”, Omar Abdullah said.

While making reference to the Narendra Modi’s recent utterances against people of Jammu and Kashmir, the Working President, National Conference said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir need no certificate for their secular credential from Narendra Modi like people who are known for their communal ideology and are stigmatized for innocent killings.

Omar said Modi is no issue in Kashmir and BJP’s contesting candidates are sure to lose their deposits in current Lok Sabha Elections ‘but the ideology of Narendra Modi and BJP against Jammu and Kashmir is the issue before us’. He said PDP is providing all support to Narendra Modi and the BJP as such every vote cast in favour of PDP would strengthen the anti-J&K political party BJP in the Centre. “We have to ensure defeat of PDP candidates to defeat BJP”, he emphasized.

Omar said that Lok Sabha Elections are to elect the Prime Minister of the Country and it has nothing to do with the Election of the State Chief Minister or the MLAs. “You have to bring secular, democratic forces at the helm of affairs in the Country so that equitable development and inclusiveness rules the roost”, he said and stressed on the need of defeating BJP in the State by defeating PDP candidates.

The Working President, National Conference said that the track record of Sharif-ud-Din Shariq as MP and his PDP opponent Muzaffar Hussain Baig as MLA is before the people. “While Shariq actively highlighted Jammu and Kashmir issues in the Parliament, Muzaffar Hussain Baig loved to remain absent from J&K Legislative Assembly sessions for most of the time and did not represent his constituency”, he said and questioned when Baig could not represent the Baramulla Assembly constituency in State Legislative Assembly how can he be of any help to the people of large Baramulla- Kupwara Parliamentary constituency.

Omar asked the people to vote in large numbers in favour of NC-Congress joint candidates and exhibit their faith in the true representatives who will highlight their issues in the Parliament vehemently and capably. The Elections rallies were addressed by various NC and Congress leaders.


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